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3 min readMay 7, 2021

By: Ubani Danvers from Technologically Zealous Family

I want to turn this blog into a story of a successful mother, and her child. I will take you down the path from rags to riches, and aim to inspire the mothers who can’t figure life out, and to those whose backs are against the wall, to never give up.

This is 2 days early, but, eh, the earlier the better.

Now in 2008 with the housing market crash, there was a mother named Beth, 23, from Atlanta. She had a child during those times but did live comfortably, why? Her husband got addicted to cocaine after she got pregnant at the age of 25, and could pay the bills and had to live with her mother.

She lived in the more dangerous part of Georgia, with a 300 monthly homicide rate. One day she was in the master bedroom with her 3-month-old baby nurturing the precious new life till they sleep. Finally getting her to sleep, she flashes back to the hospital to when her child was born. A fountain of tears came to her eyes while holding her for the first time. But then. She got angry at herself for the reason why she chose to get pregnant by a now dope feen.

5 years passed and her son was playing on the sidewalk. The neighbor’s daughter came out and played with him. As they were playing, the husband’s gang-affiliated friend drove past the house with a demonic look on his face. As they locked eyes on each other, the guy said Remember.

Questions flowed through the mind of the mother but were later at peace when she saw the children playing. So she ignored it for now. 2 months went by and she still recalls the words. Remember. A sigh came to her as to calm down herself or it would get worse for nothing. Night hits and the mother is playing with her child with the most joy in the world and then the guy passes by again but stopped. The mother, seeing what was in his hand, quickly walked inside the house but a gunshot was fired at in the air, with the words ‘STOP!’ loudly echoed through the street.

He called both the mother and son, telling them to get on their knees. The mother pleaded with the shooter and wasn’t having it. Aiming at the son, 3, 2, 1.

The mother shields the child with her arm and the shooter then shoots her shoulder and runs away. The grandmother came in front of the house and quickly called 911.

The crazy thing about this story is. As the shooter went to his car, the little girl’s father planted spikes on the wheels so when he’s trying to escape, he won’t go anywhere.

Sacrificing her life for the continuation of the next generation. We appreciate the mothers who have slaved for the family for years and never gotten the praise that was deserved. I hold you to continue the fight because your legacy needs to be protected.



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